About Me

Engaging with music has been a lifelong passion, starting from my early years with the piano at the age of 6. As a teenager, my musical journey expanded as I delved into the acoustic guitar, self-teaching chords and scales by leveraging my existing piano knowledge. During my grammar and high school years, I showcased my musical versatility by adding the saxophone to my repertoire, and my involvement in the high school jazz band had me alternating between piano and guitar.

College marked a pivotal point in my musical endeavors as I initiated my first band, The Laundry Room, where I took on the roles of vocalist, guitarist, and principal songwriter. In 2003, I extended my creative influence beyond traditional music and ventured into sound effects and music creation for a Marble Madness-inspired mod called Marble Mania for Unreal Tournament 2003.

Transitioning to the realm of podcasting, I contributed to the audio engineering and theme music for the podcast Who Reads Poetry. In more recent years, my dedication to continuous musical creation manifested in two impressive 31-day streaks for Jamuary in both 2023 and 2024.

Further cultivating the musical community, I currently organize and facilitate the Musicians, Singers & Songwriters Meetup in Chattanooga, TN after running a similar meetup in NYC for 3 years. This platform provides a space for enthusiasts to come together, covering popular songs. I've enhanced the experience by creating SongPro, a custom text format offering web, mobile, and print versions of chords and lyrics for each song.