About Me

My name is Brian Kelly and I've had a love of music my entire life.

I started at the age of 6 with piano lessons. By my teens I had been through 3 teachers (basics, classical, theory and improvisation). Around 15 I bought my first electric guitar and started teaching myself based on what I knew from piano and tablature in Guitar magazine.

My parents got me a 4-track recorder and I filled many cassettes with songs, ideas and experiments. In college I bought myself a computer with an expensive sound card and started using software like Cakewalk to record MIDI songs. I also had a band that released its own EP and eventually signed to an independent label.

After using trackers, FruityLoops, Cakewalk, Abelton Live, Sonar and Project 5 on Windows, I finally ended up on a Mac with Logic Pro X where I finally feel at home.

I play guitar, piano, keyboards, bass, drums and sing. I write and record in my home studio in Brooklyn, NY. I enjoy a wide range of musical genres with special places in my heart for 90s alternative/grunge, 70s progressive, 50s rock and video game music from all decades.